Palm Bay Daycare Programs

Child Care Program ArtThe goal is to start children off with a solid foundation built on love and guidance. A Palm Bay Daycare we strive to provide a fun place where children can learn and grow from 6 week old infants to after school kids.

Its a great idea to keep children in the same daycare with the same teacher where he or she can gain a sense of trust and stability. This is why we encourage parents to enroll their children into a daycare as soon as possible. Its also a place where children have the opportunity to play with other children as they learn and develop.

Our leading-edge curriculum offers children a great resource for them to be better prepared for what’s in store for them at school.

Along with learning its important for children to eat a well balance meal throughout the day. A Palm Bay Daycare children are provide with nutritious meal, snacks, and drinks to provide the properer nutrition need for healthy childhood development.

Palm Bay Daycare Offers Child Care Programs For:

VPK Graduation 2017

Palm Bay Daycare proudly hosted the VPK gradation ceremonial on May 24th 2017, where parents, children, and staff gathered together to cerebrate!

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Food Menu March

Check out the daycare menu for this weeks food program. You can download the full menu here…

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