Daycare Transportation

Big Blue VanThe big blue bus is our term for our transportation van(s) that transport the littler scholars to and from his or her school every day. Part of the before and after school program at Palm Bay Daycare includes transporting your school goers to and from school. The van drivers are carefully selected and regularly screened to ensure your child is in safe hands every time he or she is in the big blue van.

Safety Comes First

Everyday the van(s) that we use to transport the children are carefully inspected daily to ensure each van is in safe working condition. Our drivers undergo background checks as well as field test before he or she ever becomes a detected bus driver for the daycare. In addition, every van is equip with the necessary safety equipment to be proactive and effective in the event any unforeseen circumstance arises.

Transportation Departure

Every child upon departure is carefully buckled in and if the child requires a car seat, the driver inspects the car-seat before buckling him or her in. Once the bus leaves the destination, the drive carefully monitors the children while carefully following strict guidelines to ensure safe travel and a successful arrival to the child’s school or daycare.

If a child is being dropped off a his or her school, the driver assist the child out of their seat and safely into the care of his or her appointed school personal.

Transportation Arrival

Once once the van arrives at the daycare, the children are all assisted off the bus and into the daycare where the join the fun of playing and learning with other children, as one of the teachers does a head count of every child that was on the bus. The driver also performs a double-check of the van to ensure no child is left in the van before the driver safely parks the van and locks it up.

To gain more information about Palm Bay Daycare’s child transportation service, fell free to contact us and we’ll be happy to answer any question you may have.

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As a father I worry about the safety of my child, but I have to say; I happy with the level of safety the daycare staff take with my child. The make me feel at ease when my child is in their care...

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